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Greenhouse Design Best Suits Your BackyardThere are a number of greenhouse designs to consider with regards to your needs and characteristics of your backyard. Some of these designs are relatively simple to construct while others are more complex. Some designs will be better suited for properties with limited space available. Other designs will fit in well if they are constructed on larger properties with established gardens. Let us consider some of these designs.

1. Lean-To Style Greenhouse - This greenhouse design is ideally suited for those whose live on properties with small backyards or no backyards at all. The structure is relatively simple to build. It generally resemble an a-frame building cut in half from the top of its roof to the ground below. As the name suggests it will lean up against the side of your home with access generally achieved through your patio door. the optimal location should be on the side of the home with receives the most sunlight. This type of structure is simple in design but will require some insight of how to fasten it securely to the side of a building such as your home, garage or shed.

2. A-Frame Greenhouse - As the name suggests this type of structure consists of a pitched roof with each side generally of the same pitch and length. This design will require room in your backyard to accommodate its footprint. One strong point of this structure is that need not be located on the side of your home which receive the most amount of sunlight. This structure can be located in an area of your backyard near the limits of the property boundary and where it will not be affected by any shadows being cast by your house. This greenhouse design is relatively simple to construct and can be built-in a yard with an established garden.

3. Hoop Greenhouse Design - This type of greenhouse is one my favorites to construct. It is simple in design but will require a backyard large enough to accommodate its foot print. Its shape resembles an elongated cylinder, horizontally cut in half. This structure is much easier to build, as it does not require a pitched roof. It can easily be built with PVC piping fashioned into hoops. The structure can be covered with any type of transparent covering such as UV protected polyethylene plastic. As with any of these designs you will able grow plants that will endure before or after the typical growing season. Its design also makes it more wind resistant then an A-frame or Victoria style greenhouse.

There are a number of other greenhouse designs to consider. However these are the more simplistic to construct and are good choices if you have limited space for their location and cost of materials is an issue.